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President, MM Publishing Inc.
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Since 2008, Microcap Millionaires has provided insight on volatile small cap and micro cap stocks poised for large percentage gains that help traders build their accounts quickly. The rationale for each trade recommendation is provided (it's all about the "tells"!) as well as clear cut buy and sell alerts. This service has received hundreds of unsolicited email testimonials from happy subscribers since its inception and continues to receive similar feedback on a regular basis.

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In early 2016, we noticed an opportunity to make profitable options trades during Federal Reserve events. The first trade was a smashing success. Along with the second. The third trade. And the next one. It took a while before we actually had a losing trade! The track record continues to prove this service provides far more winners than losers.

And the winners are your run of the mill ten or fifteen percent gains either. The Fed Trader Service often alerts trades that end up netting 50% to 150% gains. And these gains never take more than 24 hours or so to materialize. It's truly a unique way to trade that frankly we can't believe somebody else didn't discover before we did (or maybe they did and have kept it to themselves).

Considering this service is fairly new, we've received a ton of positive feedback from subscribers of FTS. The future is bright for this strategy as well, as it continues to produce exciting and profitable trades.

Cryptocurrencies are potentially the biggest disruptive force we have seen since the internet
changed the way we live and do business in the 1990's and 2000's. There is huge potential to buy select "crypto's" now and ride them up for fantastic gains in the coming months and years. We use an investing approach with a "trader's touch" to lock in gains while positioning ourselves for life changing wealth generation.

If you feel you missed out on bitcoin and don't want to miss out on the next chapter of cryptocurrency boom, claim a membership to Crypto Trader Service. You'll see exactly how to get started with crypto's from square 1, and then we'll help you develop into a savvy crypto trader and investor.
We are living in truly amazing times. It is now legal for everyday Americans to make investments in startup companies. We are talking about the types of investments that can turn $1,000 into seven figures. For example, early investors in Uber are now rich. Just $1000 invested in it's early stages is now said to be worth over $10,000,000. There are many more examples.

Startup Sniper aims to "snipe" what we feel are the best investments that can blossom into huge windfalls in the next 3-5 years.

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Some folks who subscribe to our services are interested in being more active and working closely with Matt to help turn trading into a method of producing consistent profits. For this purpose, we've created the VIP level "Elite Trader Group". Matt actively trades big board stocks (in addition to microcaps) as well as weekly trades based on routine economic reports. The results are pretty impressive, but be warned, this is for serious traders only who have a bit of free time during the week to trade.
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